Donald Trump is getting more desperate by the hour

Like the narcissist that he is, Donald Trump is clinically addicted to the attention that he gets from doing his press briefings. And really, considering how far behind he is in the 2020 election, he needs to be doing regular public appearances to try to turn things around. But because he’s Donald Trump, his appearances keep making things even worse for him.

The overwhelming negative reaction to Trump’s disinfectant meltdown appears to have prompted him to reluctantly admit that his briefings are hurting him. Again, Trump’s problem isn’t that he’s doing briefings; the problem is that he’s him and he’s doing briefings. But he can’t admit that he’s the problem, so instead he’s trying to find ways to dress up his briefings as something else.

On Monday we saw Trump hold a press briefing in the Rose Garden, complete with brief propaganda statements from various CEOs. That wasn’t the answer, so yesterday Trump tried holding some kind of weird press event with his daughter. That didn’t get him anywhere either.

Now Trump has announced that he’s doing a virtual town hall on Fox News, “live from the Lincoln Memorial.” That’s right, he thinks that sitting in front of Abraham Lincoln is going to be the missing ingredient in making his public appearances less of a self-defeating farce. This guy is getting more desperate by the hour.

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