January 6th Committee goes for the jugular against Steve Bannon

The January 6th Committee just confirmed it’s holding criminal contempt proceedings against Steve Bannon. This proves that the committee is in fact being every bit as aggressive as it promised it would be. Now we unfortunately have to listen to the defeatists spend all weekend whining about the fact that the contempt proceeding won’t take place until Tuesday.

Meanwhile everyone is still overlooking the real reason Steve Bannon is trying to defy this subpoena: he’s under confirmed criminal investigation in New York, and prosecutors can use his congressional testimony against him. One way or the other, Bannon is going to prison.

Bannon has to weigh the six months in prison he might get for failure to appear, vs the years in prison he’s looking at in New York. He can act all he wants like he’s arrogantly thumbing his nose at the committee. But he’s backed in a no win corner.

So why is why doing things like showing up at a GOP fundraiser last night with an insurrectionist flag? He has to put on a good show, so his supporters will find his legal defense, which is going to end up being very expensive as he keeps digging a deeper hole.


But Bannon knows that as long as he keeps playing-acting like he’s magically getting away with it all, the media will keep amplifying that narrative for him, because it’s good for ratings. Bannon’s life has been destroyed, yet you all think he’s off on a cruise ship somewhere. That’s simply not the reality of the situation – and that’ll eventually become clear for all to see.

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