Here’s the thing about Merrick Garland and Donald Trump

I rarely respond to trolls. Trolls are like pesky flies — they are irritating as they flit about, whining and pouting, boring everyone, trying to bathe others in their own sullen negativity. So, most of them are not worth even speaking about. But I will share one troll story with you because it is more amusing than most.

This particular troll accused me — and other Palmer Report writers — of being pretenders — of not being real Democrats. Perhaps the troll speculated, we were even secret Trump supporters.

No. This is NOT OK. If a troll wants to mouth off, fine. If a troll thinks my writing sucks — fine. But do not EVER accuse me of being a MAGA! That is possibly the worst insult I can think of. It is nausea-inducing.

But it is also amusing. And it got me thinking. Because lately, it would appear virtually EVERYONE is being accused of being for MAGA.

I have seen this trollish accusation directed at Adam Schiff. I have seen it directed at President Biden. And the one getting the brunt of it is AG Merrick Garland.

Why this is, I do not know. But Garland has been the subject of vicious verbal attacks lately, and that bothers me. Many of these trolls seem to think Garland and Trump are “friends,” so Garland would never prosecute him.

Would you please enlighten such people if you come across them? It makes my blood boil.

I understand people wanting the orange one’s imminent arrest. But to accuse Garland of being secretly in the tank for Trump is not based on reality or fact.

I wish those making these accusations would look at Garland’s record. Why would such a man as Garland feel the need to befriend the orange tumor? WHAT would the two have to talk about?

The answer is — nothing. I suspect Garland, were he to be subjected to the orange man’s daily musings, would need post-traumatic stress disorder therapy.

Garland likely despises the orange tumor as much as we all do. He will not have a press conference to announce his dislike, but we all know it’s there.


These two men have nothing in common. One is kind and noble. The other is pathetic and dishonest and a coward.

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