Ivanka Trump has a whole new problem

The watchdog group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics (CREW), sounds like it could be the nemesis to Ivanka Trump’s charmed world if this were a dark fairytale. No one needs to be pinched however, because we are all too painfully aware of this new reality the Trumps have brought down on us. Ivanka, the first daughter, is now being investigated for conflict of interest allegations brought by CREW, for failing to recuse herself from “personally and substantially” being involved in a Trump administration program that her husband could benefit from in a significant way.

It is no secret that Jared Kushner’s failed real estate venture at 666 Fifth Avenue has left him facing financial ruin, which forced him to sell off the retail space to afford payment on the building, which apparently he paid too much for in the first place. Kushner also needs a cash infusion to invest in his so-called “slumlord” apartments located in Queens, where he supposedly incorrectly filled out paperwork that led to his company receiving millions in profit, while he pushed out the indigent people who had a right to live in a rent-controlled apartment.

Allegedly, Kushner used slumlord tactics to force them out and lied on government paperwork. Therefore, Ivanka and Jared, both working at the White House, would have had financial motive to be involved in the program created by the administration called The Opportunity Zone program.

This program was set up to offer significant capital gains tax breaks if said investors were to invest in low-income housing zones. Not only would this program benefit Jared Kushner’s company financially, it also seems to benefit his other company, Cadre, which he co-founded. Kushner has a $25 million-dollar stake in Cadre. However, according to Cadre’s marketing literature, they aren’t at all interested in investing in low-income housing. So why then did they participate in The Opportunity Zone program? And why didn’t Ivanka recuse herself from participating in the development and implementation of the program when it was a known conflict of interest?

Finally, why can’t Jared fill out a damn form correctly? Perhaps CREW knows the answers, and the truth will come out as a result of the conflict of interest complaint the watchdog group filed against Ivanka. Watchdog groups are imperative in times like these, when the “First Family” is all about that graft.