Ivanka Trump and the World Bank

The Intercept is claiming today that Donald Trump tried to appoint Ivanka Trump to be head of the World Bank, and that Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin blocked Trump from doing it.

But as with most of these kinds of leaks, there’s no way it’s real, and the person who looks like hero is obviously the leaker.

Trump was never going to make Ivanka head of the World Bank. He only leaked that at the time so we’d be too outraged to notice that his no-name nominee was just as unqualified – and it worked.


Now Mnuchin is trying to launder his reputation by claiming he blocked Ivanka, and the media is letting him do it, because that’s what the media does. They get to run a big headline-grabbing inside scoop about Ivanka Trump that’s surely bringing in a ton of profitable page views, and it doesn’t matter that it’s obviously nonsense.

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