Donald Trump lashes out at Mitch McConnell

I find it quite amusing seeing the obvious contempt Moscow Mitch McConnell and former insurrectionist President, Assolini have for each other. So, Moscow Mitch did indeed cave on the debt ceiling. Palmer Report laid out why McConnell would yield, and he did. And he has made a particular “person” quite furious in so doing.

That person is King Donald the stupid. (I love all the creative names — thanks, Palmer Report readers!)

So, the orange Shart cannon (good one!) is raging about Moscow Mitch. What makes this story hysterical is there is no hero in the story. They’re BOTH awful. So watching them destroy each other lends a bit of fun to the whole thing.

The Magat king is demanding that Moscow Mitch be punished for not destroying the country. Benedict Donald wants Moscow Mitch removed from his leadership position. “Mitch is not the guy,” Mr. little hands exclaimed angrily to his odious partner in crime, Sean Hannity. “The Republican Senate needs new leadership,” Twitler continued.

The Republicans need more than that. They also need a spine.

The fact is Mitch McConnell will most likely never seek another term, although he’s got this term for quite a few more years. And, in a way, I am happy this little fight between the two fools is going on.

Why is that, one might ask? Because it will have negative consequences for the Republicans in the 2022 midterm elections. The media keeps hyping the troubles within the DEMOCRATIC party. In my opinion, they’re missing the real story — as usual.

The fact is it is the Republicans who are destroying themselves. Because few of them have the balls to tell IMPOTUS45 to get lost, they’ve become entangled in his corrosive behavior to the point where none of them can make one move that Prima Donald does not like.


Perhaps, if we wait long enough, they will all destroy themselves before the elections of 2022. They are doing a pretty good job of it right now.

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