It’s time for Trump to quit while he’s behind

Shortly after Donald Trump concluded his first summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in Singapore in 2018, the dotard proudly yet inaccurately tweeted: “There is no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea.” Ever since that bizarre declaration, Trump has been pointing to his starry-eyed bromance with Kim as the reason North Korea will decide to give up its nuclear ambitions. Not only has Trump’s plan not worked out, but North Korea just made clear that it never will.

In February 2019, before Donald Trump’s second summit with Kim Jong Un in Hanoi, Fox News’ Chris Wallace asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to explain what Trump meant when he said that he and Kim “fell in love” following the Singapore summit. Pompeo condescendingly explained, “Relationships matter, Chris. They affect everything in our lives, whether it’s grand strategy in denuclearization or simpler things. Relationships absolutely matter; it’s important that the true leaders are able to effectively communicate.” He then flatly denied that Trump ever tweeted that the nuclear threat from North Korea had ended.

Relationships do matter, but not quite as much as Trump would like to think. This week, Trump again tried to charm Kim into submission by sending him a birthday greeting. Not only did Kim not fall for it, but North Korea responded with a strong statement today lambasting Trump for his naiveté. Foreign Ministry Adviser Kim Kye Gwan said, “We have been deceived by the U.S., being caught in the dialogue with it for over one year and a half, and that was the lost time for us.” He then dismissed Trump’s pathetic approach to foreign policy in a single sentence: “Although Chairman Kim Jong Un has good personal feelings about President Trump, they are, in the true sense of the word, ‘personal.’”

If Trump truly cares about world peace and negotiating effectively with North Korea, he should cut out the childish boyfriend routine and start considering the advice that the many experts in our country have to offer. Better yet, Trump should just quit while he’s behind. Rather than write his name on more ridiculous love letters to Kim, Trump can put his pen to better use by signing his own resignation letter without further delay.

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