It’s now clear how New York City is going to put Donald Trump in prison

This week it was revealed that the Manhattan District Attorney hired an outside prosecutor with a speciality in white collar cases and organized crime to help bring the criminal case against Donald Trump. Now it’s becoming more clear what that case is going to look like, and how it’s going to put Trump in prison.

Last night Reuters reported that the Manhattan DA has subpoenaed Trump’s property tax records from the New York City Tax Commission. This is the latest in a string of several mainstream media reports over the past month which are centered around the property values of Trump’s real estate assets.

During his public congressional testimony in 2019, Michael Cohen revealed that Donald Trump overinflated the value of his real estate properties in order to fraudulently use them as collateral on new bank loans. That’s a particularly easy felony to get a conviction on, because it’s right there in the paperwork. So while we expect the Manhattan DA to bring numerous charges against Trump, his fraudulent property values are what make him a lock for prison.

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