Here’s the thing about Donald Trump’s now-inevitable arrest

For quite some time, Palmer Report has been pointing out that Donald Trump was going to prison in New York if he lost reelection. Sure enough, now that he’s lost, New York is closing in on him – to the point that people like former prosecutors are now certain he’ll be criminally charged.

Here’s the thing. We have all these fatalists out there who hate Trump as much as you do, but for baseless reasons are absolutely certain he’ll somehow magically never be arrested. Once Trump finally is arrested, these same fatalists will then insist that he’ll never be convicted. Once he’s convicted, the fatalists will insist that he’ll never spend a single day in prison. Once Trump is in prison, and in fact even after he dies in prison of old age, the fatalists will still baselessly lament that Trump “got away with it all.”

I mention this because, now that we’re oh so close to Donald Trump’s arrest, we need to be prepared for the onslaught of “he’ll never be convicted” nonsense that’ll be hurled at us the minute he’s arrested. Keep in mind that these fatalists have been wrong every step of the way.

The fatalists within the Resistance insisted that Trump would find a way to magically cancel the 2020 election. Then they insisted he’d win it. Then they insisted he’d magically overthrow it in court. Then they insisted he’d just magically never leave office. Now they’re insisting that he’ll never be arrested, and they’re about to be wrong about that too. So it’ll be important to remember that the fatalists are always wrong. Even when bad things do happen, they’re never the things the fatalists predicted. Bottom line: Trump is going to prison, and it would be a fool’s bet to assert otherwise.

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