It’s even worse than we thought

For some time now, Palmer Report has been asserting that the horrors inside Donald Trump’s immigrant child concentration camps had to be far worse than even the worst of what was being reported. The logic was morbid but indisputable: periodically we would get word that a child had died months earlier, which means the death was initially covered up, and then eventually leaked out. In other words, for every child we know is dead, some whole number multiple of children have died in Trump’s camps and have had their deaths covered up.

We still don’t know how many people have been murdered (and yes it’s time to start using that word, as in “negligent homicide”) in Donald Trump’s concentration camps. But yesterday our worst fears went a long way toward being confirmed. A number of politicians managed to tour the camps, and while the Trump regime did everything it could to try to sanitize the tour, various Democrats quickly relayed that the people in the camps were being forced to drink toilet water and other horrors.

This came right around the time that ProPublica exposed a secret social media group full of thousands of Donald Trump’s Border Patrol officers, where they gleefully posted and discussed horrifying things. The existence, size and content of this group proves that the Border Patrol has become little more than a Nazi police force under Donald Trump. Now that the group has been exposed, we fully expect that specific posts and comments from various agents are going to lead to specific atrocities being uncovered within the camps. In other words, this is about to get even uglier.

This all comes even as Donald Trump and his criminal co-conspirators in the Border Patrol continue to do their best to provide Congress, the media, and the public with a censored and sanitized version of what’s going on inside the camps. Whatever we’re hearing about, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve expected all along that Trump’s concentration camps were going to turn out to be far worse than almost anyone was talking about. Now we’ve come to realize that it’s going to turn out to be far worse than even we were expecting.

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