It’s all mushrooming at this point

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Mushrooms are more closely related to humans than to plants. The fungus that produces mushrooms is a massive underground mycorrhizal network that reaches out to “communicate” with other plants. Mushrooms are the “fruit” of the fungus. Humans live individually in the physical world, but our brains are constantly reaching out in the metaphysical realm for information, sprouting thoughts and ideas.

Mainstream Media and the polls are some of the fruits of that information network. Logic dictates that Biden should be crushing Trump in the mainstream media popular opinion, and in the polls. And yet, they are running neck and neck. It’s frustrating, but it is nothing new.
President Obama was polling neck and neck with Romney during his 2012 campaign for a second term, but he won by five million votes. On the other hand, during the 2016 election cycle, mainstream media all but called the race for Hillary Clinton. Yet the polls had her neck and neck with Trump.

That misreporting by mainstream media gave Republicans an opening for election interference. While we were caught off guard, they claimed that fewer than 80,000 votes were surgically manipulated to swing the electoral college in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

Now, Trump remains the frontrunner by a wide margin in the Republican Presidential Primary because of his instinct for autocracy, catching Republicans off guard. Trump feeds lies and slogans to bond with his racist, hateful, morally weak, ignorant, and fearful base.

But now his mycorrhizal network is failing. His instincts tell him to feed red meat of racism to his base, but his senility is making him short circuit, stating over and over that Obama is currently POTUS. Astonishingly, Republican leadership and their voters have been eating the toxic mushrooms sprouting from the Trump fungus among us, and they are trippin’ hard. The Hitler-loving Brownshirt MAGAs continue to line up behind Trump, in a regression to the past.

Meanwhile, Democrats have evolved. We have learned which mushrooms are safe for consumption. We know which lies the doomsday news media are force-feeding us, and which polls are skewed. We also have learned to surgically target specific seats in the House and Senate that we can win in 2024, as we have shown in all the elections since 2016. And we know that our amazing President Biden will win in 2024.

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