It’s 1984 all over again

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“This is 1984.” This phrase was uttered to me the other day by a friend. This friend was expressing his shock that Missouri is defunding its libraries. And indeed, it IS shocking. It’s shocking that the republican party seems to be trying its best to dumb the whole country down.

The dumbing down of society started long ago, way before even Donald Trump came along. But it’s gotten much worse in recent years. All around us, wherever we turn, we see dumbness. Missouri also wants to put limitations on transgender healthcare. But it’s not just Missouri.

Take Nebraska. A recent lawmaker expressed outrage that so many abortions took place in his state. His reasoning? All those aborted babies could be workers! Nebraska is missing workers, he says! They’re missing all those aborted babies.

In Florida, as Palmer Report laid out for you, there is a travel advisory. Florida is becoming more dumbed down by the SECOND. So too, is Texas, where their governor is seriously thinking of pardoning a convicted murderer.

And then there is Iowa, which is already moving on to contraception. They will no longer pay for rape victims’ contraception. Way to go, Iowa (sarcasm.)

In Texas, some colleges are suspending new policies that promote diversity and inclusion.

In the state of Ohio, the schools have worsened. Ohio has, in recent times, gone from 5th in education to 34th. Many educators in Ohio are leaving.

In Arkansas, Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders has signed into law legislation that severely weakens child labor law and protections.

What are we doing here, people? This is dumbing down — this drowning in stupid — must be stopped. There is only one way to do this, of course, and that is to vote.

But voting takes place at all levels. If you or anyone you know is interested in running for office — do it. Look at what’s available in your area. Look especially at running for positions where you can make a difference in our school systems, preserving them and keeping intelligence, not stupidity, as the main goal in our classrooms.

“This is 1984.” My friend is correct. Some areas of America ARE that way. We need to stop it, and we need to do it now.

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