Is Steve Bannon’s arrest next?

When the Manhattan District Attorney’s office arrested Ken Kurson yesterday, it set off alarms across the board due to Kurson’s super-close association with Jared Kushner, and his less-close association with Rudy Giuliani. If Kurson ends up flipping, these are the two big fish he’d presumably be pressured to give up.

But curiously, a CNN article yesterday made a point of mentioning that the Manhattan DA’s office is also criminally targeting Steve Bannon. This isn’t new information; it’s been reported multiple times throughout 2021. So why did CNN make a point of mentioning it in this article, when Kurson and Bannon don’t seem to have any connection?


Rachel Maddow mentioned during her show last night that Bannon might be the one who has to worry the most about Kurson’s arrest. She may be onto something. The one thing Kurson and Bannon have in common is that they both received federal pardons from Donald Trump. Now Kurson has been arrested anyway, on state charges. Is Bannon next? It certainly doesn’t sound good for him.

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