Donald Trump’s completely insane new coronavirus strategy sounds like something out of The Onion

Donald Trump doesn’t believe that more ventilators will help the coronavirus crisis, even though medical professionals and hospital workers are begging for them. Trump doesn’t believe that a national lockdown will help, even though scientific experts are calling for it. Instead Trump is embarking on a coronavirus strategy that frankly sounds like something out of The Onion.

ABC News just announced that Donald Trump has been privately seeking coronavirus crisis advice from former baseball player Alex Rodriguez and singer-actress Jennifer Lopez. No, really:


Nothing against either one of these two talented people, but what could they possibly tell Donald Trump about the coronavirus crisis that would be more valuable than what the experts are telling Trump? Moreover, they both appear to hate him. J-Lo has bashed Trump for his deranged move of putting immigrant kids in cages, and A-Rod doesn’t think much of the idiot either. Maybe it’s because they both have cool nicknames? This is bizarre.

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