Ink on paper

Ink on paper. Ink on paper can tell us so much. That’s why we have handwriting specialists. Ink on paper can tell us a story. And for the insurrection party, the ink on their paper seems to be telling us a great deal.

As Palmer Report has laid out for you, there appears to be a burgeoning scandal (yes, another!) in the sad old party. It would appear that fake documents declaring Trump the winner of the 2020 Presidential election were forged and sent to the National Archives. What a STUPID idea.

This happened in multiple swing states, and it would appear they were not isolated incidents. In other words, these Republicans did not all simultaneously get this idea at the same time. It was no coincidence.

The ink on the paper told us this much. The ink and layout appear almost exactly the same in each forgery. Not-so-perfect replicas. Our very own Grand old forgers! How unsurprising.

One of the Republicans who reportedly signed his name to one of the fake documents is a man by the name of Jake Hoffman. Hoffman is an Arizona state Rep., And he was cornered by a journalist by the name of Richard Ruelas. Ruelas works for The Arizona Republic.

He caught up with Hoffman and demanded answers that Hoffman seemed reluctant to give. “You would need to ask the party chairman,” Hoffman said robotically. Then he ran. He ran like the coward he is.


This is a story that appears to have staying power. It is a story of ink on paper. It’s a story of the unraveling of fake paper, a gutless scam put together by gutless politicians whose time of reckoning is hurtling toward them.

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