The Mark Meadows doomsday prophecy

The Forecasters of Doom all told us that the DOJ would never act on the January 6th Committee’s criminal contempt referral against Steve Bannon. Of course this famously proved to be wrong, as the DOJ ended indicting and arresting Bannon; he’s now awaiting trial and will end up in prison once convicted. But here’s the thing.

Now that the January 6th Committee has a criminal contempt referral pending against Mark Meadows, the Forecasters of Doom are once again insisting that the DOJ will never indict Meadows. You’d think they wouldn’t even try to claim such nonsense, given that the DOJ just indicted Bannon for the same thing. The DOJ has already established its own precedent on this matter.

But one weird trend we’re now seeing across social media is that the doomsday types have managed to gradually convince themselves and their followers that the Bannon indictment somehow never really happened. It makes perverse sense, from the angle that you can’t admit the Bannon contempt indictment happened if you’re going to insist that the Meadows contempt indictment isn’t going to happen. But it’s still weird to pretend that a thing didn’t happen when we all fairly recently watched it happen.

I did predict that as it became more clear that the January 6th Committee was winning, and that Trump world was losing, the Forecasters of Doom would have to yell their nonsense more loudly in order to drown out the facts of the matter. But even I wasn’t expecting the defeatists on our side to go full QAnon by pretending that… what, the DOJ merely pretended to indict Steve Bannon, and that he helped film the whole thing for fun?

The media and the pundits pushed these doomsday narratives so consistently throughout 2021, it’s understandable how large chunks of their audiences have been brainwashed into becoming a doomsday cult. But usually, each time the doomsday types are proven wrong yet again, they just shake it off and make up some new reason we’re all doomed. As it becomes more clear that we’re winning, the doomsday types may end up losing their minds completely.

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