In for a world of hurt

No one wants to see the letter Q or the numbers 1776 for awhile. Trump is absolutely responsible for the insurrection at the US Capitol and every single Republican House and Senate member who protested the electoral vote needs to have some serious political blowback. We especially want the members of the House and Senate on the record as refusing a second impeachment for the criminal in the White House.

But one thing that isn’t being focused on right now is the world of pain that is coming to these morons who might not have instigated the Capitol insurrection but who went along with it for the ride. The only words of advice any lawyer can give them is contact the FBI and confess now. Plead sorrow, regret and stupidity. This will save you years of pain.

The one person who will never understand the pain to come is Trump. I’m not even sure his family and co-conspirators understand. His insistence on a self-pardon or no one gets a pardon is the best news to his detractors in four years. Because if the Feds can prosecute them, after they are convicted, they’ll all be labeled by the Federal Bureau of Prisons as working against the government of the United States. They’ll be grouped in with militias, sovereign citizens and individual domestic terrorists. What people don’t understand is the BOP has the right to create their own security designations. They take rebels against the US as a very serious security threat.

So, what does this mean to Trump & Co. and all the MAGAts who think they just had a lark at the Capitol since the FBI hasn’t arrived at their door? It means when they do arrive, you may be designated by the BOP as a prime candidate for solitary confinement for the years – if not decades – of your sentence. To Trump & Co. and to all the morons and evildoers around them, confess now.

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