Mitch McConnell just took it even further

Earlier this evening the New York Times reported that Mitch McConnell is now in favor of impeaching Donald Trump, because it’ll allow his Republican Party to move beyond Trump and Trumpism more quickly. Now McConnell is taking things even further, leaking to Axios that he’s leaning toward voting to convict and remove Trump. If McConnell allows a trial and announces his intention to vote to convict, it’ll all but ensure that there are enough votes to convict. We’ll see.

– Trump just came up with a really mean tweet about Mitch McConnell… and then he remembered he’s banned from ever tweeting again.

– We just watched domestic terrorists storm the Capitol building, beat up a cop with a flag pole, smear feces on the wall, and try to murder everyone. Now the Feds say we’re going to be “shocked” by what else went on during the attack. How much uglier can this get?

– Tweet of the day, from Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley: “The second I realized our “safe room” from the violent white supremacist mob included treasonous, white supremacist, anti masker Members of Congress who incited the mob in the first place, I exited. Furious that more of my colleagues by the day are testing positive.”

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