House Republicans go completely off the deep end over Donald Trump’s impeachment

As the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump takes off at a rapid pace, the Republicans are desperately trying to keep up – making sure the misinformation flies as fast as the sparks. Surprisingly, they’ve had more hurdles than usual to overcome this time, since the White House inadvertently sent their own list of damage control talking points to House Democrats by accident.

Perhaps this is why the House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy felt compelled to lie to reporters on Wednesday, telling them that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was the one who initially brought up Joe Biden in his July 25 phone call with Donald Trump. He did admit to reporters that he didn’t read the White House memo, which clearly states that Trump was the first one to ask about Biden, desperately hoping for any dirt he could use against his rival.

McCarthy wasn’t the only one lying about the contents of the memo either – with Steve Scalise, the Republican Minority Whip releasing a statement in defense of Trump: “[I]t is clear that there was absolutely no quid pro quo, and no laws broken on the call.” Of course, this is despite Trump’s insistence that America has been “very, very good” to Ukraine and a request that whatever Zelensky could do with the attorney general would be great.

The memo sent out by the White House was intended to allay Republican fears. If anything, it’s done the exact opposite – adding more fuel to the narrative that’s getting more and more difficult to control – and the inquiry has only begun.

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