Rudy Giuliani goes off the deep end after he gets thrown under the bus

To give you an idea of just how badly Rudy Giuliani has been falling apart in recent days as the Ukraine whistleblower scandal comes full circle, he went on Fox News the other night and yelled “shut up, you don’t know what you’re talking about, idiot” at another panelist. Now things have gotten even worse for Rudy, and he’s taking it even worse.

Last night the State Department threw Rudy Giuliani under the bus by refuting his assertion that it sent him to Ukraine on an official government mission. It’s clear that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is trying to protect himself by painting Rudy has having acted as a lone wolf in this criminal scandal. This morning things got uglier for Rudy when the Trump regime released the whistleblower complaint, which painted Rudy as being at the center of Donald Trump’s Ukraine scandal.

So what does Rudy think of all of this? He’s telling CNN that he has “no knowledge of any of that crap” in the whistleblower report, which is certainly one way to deny the allegations. The funny thing is, CNN says that while it was getting this comment from Rudy over the phone, today’s testimony from Acting DNI Joseph Maguire could be heard in the background. In other words, Rudy has watching intently.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is melting down in all capital letters, in a sign of how badly he’s taking all of this. And Maguire just basically admitted that he discussed the whistleblower report with Trump, which is a huge liability for Trump. This day is not going well for Team Trump at all so far.

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