Donald Trump has delusional meltdown as it sinks in that impeachment is coming

At this point the only observers who don’t think impeachment is coming are the ones who lack the political context to grasp what the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nadler are saying between the lines. It turns out even Donald Trump knows impeachment is coming – and suffice it to say that he’s having a conniption about it as we speak.

Right now, most polls show that just above, or just below, half of Americans favor heading in the direction of impeaching Donald Trump. But leave it to the ever delusional Trump to seize upon the one outlier poll that says something entirely different than what all the other polls say: “Almost 70% in new Poll say don’t impeach. So ridiculous to even be talking about this subject when all of the crimes were committed by the other side. They can’t win the election fairly!”

To be clear, in addition to the illegitimacy of the poll number that Trump is quoting here, none of the things he mentioned even go together. First, the threshold for impeachment isn’t a poll number; it’s whether serious crimes were committed. Second, there is no evidence that anyone on the “other side” committed any crimes, and even if there were, it wouldn’t impact the question of whether Trump should be impeached for his crimes.

Finally, impeachment is an express power of Congress spelled out in the Constitution. The House can initiate the impeachment process without regard for timing – and then the voters get to decide in the next election whether to side with the people doing the impeaching, or the person being impeached. In other words, Trump is out to lunch as usual. But it’s becoming more clear by the day that even he understands impeachment is coming.

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