Impeachment and 25th Amendment buzz increases as Donald Trump goes completely whackadoodle

When Donald Trump looked to the sky today and told reporters that “I am the chosen one” when it comes to defeating China, that alone should have been enough to end his illegitimate presidency within days if not hours – and yet it’s arguably not even the most deranged thing he’s done so far today.

Trump also used his Twitter account today to refer to himself as the “King of Israel” just one day after he accused American Jews of being “disloyal.” Also he canceled a meeting with Denmark after it refused to sell Greenland to him. These are the kinds of mentally defective things that would mandate the removal of even a president who is well-liked and otherwise productive. Trump is none of those things, and so sure enough, calls for his ouster have magnified as the day has gone on.

Congressman Jim Langevin of Rhode Island became the 131st House member to call for Donald Trump’s impeachment today. This comes even as Democratic House leaders work to win the court battles over evidence and testimony that are necessary before any convincing televised impeachment hearings can play out. Those hearings will have to be compelling enough to convince Republican Senators that if they don’t follow through and oust Trump, voters will oust them in the next election.

Even as the impeachment process plays out, public calls for the 25th Amendment have sharply increased today, to the point that #25thAmendmentNow has begun trending on Twitter. There’s no indication that Mike Pence and the cabinet have any plans to do so. But at this point the majority of Americans probably wouldn’t bother to try to stand in their way. That said, Mike Pence is also a deranged lunatic – just a soft spoken one.

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