Donald Trump just went even further off the lunatic deep end

Donald Trump gave a speech today at AMVETS’ 75th annual convention in Louisville, Kentucky. There were no protestors or critics present, but there did not need to be. Trump did a fine job of shining the spotlight on his many defects all by himself. At one point early in the speech, Trump simply had to recognize World War II veteran Woody Williams, the last living Marine veteran to have received the Medal of Honor from President Harry Truman in 1945 for his bravery in the Battle of Iwo Jima. However, this task proved too difficult for Trump’s dotard brain, and things quickly went off the rails.

All Trump had to do was praise Williams for his service and say how honored he is to be in the presence of such an American hero. Instead, Trump whipped out two of his greatest hits—his insistence on making everything about him, and his extraordinary failure to recognize when to keep his mouth shut for his own good—and their toxic combination exploded in his face.

“Nothing like the Medal of Honor!” Trump told the crowd. “I wanted one, but they told me I don’t qualify, Woody. I said, ‘Can I give it to myself anyway?’ They said, ‘I don’t think that’s a good idea.’” Trump went down this insulting path of inserting himself into the conversation because he just can’t make peace with having to honor somebody else and let that person enjoy the moment. Not only was there nothing funny about Trump’s comments, but there also was nothing helpful in them. On the contrary, Trump only succeeded in rousing the elephant in the room, essentially reminding everyone that he does not qualify for the Medal of Honor because he never served in the military—because, as has been very credibly alleged, Trump lied about having bone spurs to avoid the Vietnam draft thanks to a medical deferment.

After Trump finally finished his obligatory ego stroking, he appeared to have a lucid moment. Trump spoke the truth about the award, indirectly giving Williams the praise that he was due. At the same time, Trump also managed to make the case why he would be obviously unqualified for the award under any circumstances: “Great, great people. These are great, great men and women that get the Congressional Medal of Honor.” Exactly.

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