Donald Trump is in need of immediate medical attention

Donald Trump keeps claiming that there are riots in California because the immigration policy there is so out of control. The trouble: there are no riots in California. There is no immigration upheaval in California. No one knows what Trump is even talking about, least of all him – and this is becoming part of a worsening pattern.

Donald Trump is hallucinating. That’s the only explanation remaining. Yes, he’s a pathological liar, and yes he routinely makes things up to suit his agenda. He always has. But this is different. Trump appears to have actually convinced himself that these imaginary riots are real, even though he wasn’t able to say which part of California these riots are in, after a group of reporters pressed him on it.

Of course Trump doesn’t seem to think much of America in general these days. He decided this week that Tallahassee, Florida is one of the “worst” cities in the nation, and he appears to be basing this solely on the fact that Andrew Gillum, its mayor, is black. Trump also hates Chicago, which happens to have a large black population. And his imaginary riots in California are about Mexican people. Hmm, we see a pattern here. Not only is this man hallucinating, he always manages to hallucinate in racist ways.

Donald Trump also seems to have convinced himself that the infamous caravan in Guatemala is somehow approaching the southern U.S. border, even though the U.S. and Guatemala don’t share a border, separated by more than two thousand miles of Mexico. You’d think Trump would know Mexico was there, considering how much time he spends ranting about it. Then again, Trump keeps insisting that his nonexistent border wall has already been partially built. He claims to have even seen it, when in fact he simply toured a prototype that he doesn’t appear to know is a prototype. This man is in need of immediate medical attention.