Donald Trump’s illegal FBI order reveals what Brett Kavanaugh fears most

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This evening we learned that Donald Trump is – predictably – trying to cripple the FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh. Because his scheme has leaked out so early in the process, public pressure will likely force him to back off. In addition, this amounts to an illegal order on Trump’s part, and arguably an act of felony obstruction of justice. In the meantime, the specifics of Trump’s illegal order have given away what Kavanaugh specifically fears most about the investigation.

Several major news outlets are reporting tonight that Donald Trump is forbidding the FBI from investigating Julie Swetnick’s allegations that Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge were serial gang rapists. Trump is also disallowing any investigation into how much Kavanaugh drank while in school. This was pretty stupid of him, along the lines of “You can look in any room of my house, officer, except the hall closet.”

Trump just telegraphed that Kavanaugh is more afraid the FBI will uncover criminal activity by speaking with Swetnick, than by speaking with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford or Deborah Ramirez. It’s also clear that Kavanaugh is afraid his drinking habits will be exposed, after he spent his Senate testimony insisting that he wasn’t a heavy drinker or an alcoholic.


Donald Trump apparently didn’t realize the obvious, which was that the FBI was going to immediately leak his illegal meddling in the investigation. Now comes the immense blowback that will force Trump to abandon this stance. Trump just revealed that he thinks Kavanaugh is toast if the FBI talks to Swetnick. Now that he’s going to be forced to back off, there is a very real possibility he’ll pull the nomination. Stay tuned.

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