Igor Fruman just decided to plead guilty, and Rudy Giuliani is in deep trouble

Nearly two years ago, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman were arrested for Ukraine-related crimes they committed under the direction of Rudy Giuliani. But before the Feds could nab Giuliani himself, Donald Trump and Bill Barr stepped in and obstructed the case against Giuliani. That case came back to life earlier this year, when the Feds raided Giuliani’s home and seized his communications. It’s clear that the Feds are preparing to indict and arrest Giuliani. Now they appear to have gained a cooperating witness.

Lev Parnas disavowed Trump world a long time ago, and publicly revealed the details of the Trump-Giuliani Ukraine plot around the time of Trump’s first impeachment. But what about Igor Fruman? And what about the charges against them? Court records just revealed that Igor is about to change his plea from “not guilty” to “guilty.”

We’re honestly not sure what this means for Lev; we’ll have to wait for him to make his own statement. But we do know what this means for Rudy Giuliani. The only reason for Igor to suddenly agree to plead guilty, after nearly two years of having remained loyal to Trump world, is that he’s flipping on Giuliani.


We doubt the timing is mere happenstance. Just as the Feds seem poised to finally indict Rudy Giuliani, suddenly one of Giuliani’s key co-conspirators is changing teams. Our guess is the Feds offered Igor significant leniency in exchange for giving up Giuliani. With the help of Igor, it’s difficult to imagine a scenario where Giuliani won’t be convicted. So in turn that raises the question of whether Giuliani will end up flipping on Trump.

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