Roger Stone looks to take Steve Bannon down

Roger Stone is broke by his own admission. The government is going after him financially. Whether the Feds also end up criminally indicting him in relation to January 6th or not, Stone’s life is in ruins. Now he appears intent on taking another Donald Trump adviser, Steve Bannon, down with him.

Stone still has access to certain right wing social networks. According to tracking outfit Patriot Takes, Stone posted this today:

Roger Stone is accusing Steve Bannon of being a “Mueller informant,” and he’s predicting that New York will end up criminally indicting Bannon on state charges. And yes, Stone is in fact quoting a Palmer Report article from a few days ago while making his case against Bannon, which we find more than a bit surreal.


In any case, Stone is likely correct that Bannon will end up being indicted in New York. Stone is vowing to attend Bannon’s trial; we’ll see if he ends up being a witness. It’s worth noting that when Stone was on trial a few years ago, Bannon testified against him, and Stone was convicted before being pardoned. Bannon was then also pardoned. But Bannon isn’t protected against state level charges.

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