Turn out the lights, this idiot is finished

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Trump exerted his power very forcefully in the post-midterm press conference, during which he railroaded several journalists in a fit of barely suppressed rage. However, the result of this misguided move is making itself manifest in the form of the U.S. Judicial Branch (again). The judge, who had been appointed by Trump, courageously did the right thing, because he upholds the law, and ordered that Jim Acosta be given back his press pass and all access to Trump’s press conferences

Instead of tackling the freedom of the press issue, the judge focused instead on the lack of due process that surrounded the barring of Mr. Acosta from the White House. In other words, the Trump regime is not a monarchy, and Trump does not have free rein to arbitrarily dish out legal punishment simply because he personally doesn’t like something or someone.

One has to wonder if Trump is capable of discerning the difference between running a company and running a country. Thus far, he seems to be woefully impotent as his bark lacks bite. He has demonstrated, fairly quickly, that he lacks the skill set to inspire quality legislation, or to be the inspiration for anything, other than hate.

Paul Ryan seems to have gone into hiding, so Trump is flailing without some sane advice. Ryan is probably renewing his passport as we speak, just in case. And let’s not forget Mitch McConnell, whose loud blabber mouth has gone mysteriously quiet. Therefore, Trump is more lost than usual.

Let’s not forget that Trump is under a tremendous amount of stress and is a tad bit of a dotard. In most countries, if you have reached the age of 72 without acquiring any wisdom, you are generally considered an idiot. But not in America, where we celebrate stupidity, apparently. Trump did not only not hire the best people, he didn’t even hire the fifth best people. Most people don’t want to do any kind of business, political or otherwise, with Trump because they know he is a con man.

So what’s left of Trump’s sixth rate, zero-experience staff is flailing as well, at least those who haven’t been fired or indicted. And let’s face it guys, there has been absolutely no sign of the so-called, deeply undercover, “adult in the room.”

Palmer Report has the smartest and savviest audience in all of politics. Contribute $25 now and we can win it all: Donate now!