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In ancient and mythical times, there was Hybris. Hybris, in Greek mythology, was a spirit; She represented violence, insolence, and outrageous behavior. Indeed, the word “Hubris is derived from “Hybris.”

Perhaps Hybris paid Donald John Trump a visit the other day. Who knows? There is so much we do not know about in this world. Maybe Trump heard a faint whisper and felt a nudge to become even more rageful, demonstrate even more hubris.

Because that is just what he did on truth social, only he took it to new levels, and with Trump that isn’t easy to do. Trump was reacting to the fake whistle-blowers in Congress at that awful hearing. And he decided to post these words.

Before I tell you the words, I must remark on something. How often have we thought that Trump had been at his worse? How often were we convinced that he could not top himself in utter gutlessness and unmatched hubris?

This has happened a lot. But I will not write out the full quote because he’s not worthy of it. But I do want to comment on these four words — these words that show a shocking among of nerve and gall: “I AM A VICTIM!” The unmitigated Gall! The utter shamelessness!

Could trump REALLY see himself as a victim? Of course he could. But that is such a giant fib. The truth is Trump VICTIMIZES — that’s quite a bit different. Trump needs to learn a thing or two about victimology.

Who are the real victims? All of the people who died needlessly from COVID. All the babies who were ripped from their mothers’ arms. All the traumatized children who could not get an abortion because of the three nightmares he put on the Supreme Court.

All of the women he has reportedly groped, grabbed by the pu##y, intimidated, harassed, and, in E Jean Carroll’s case — assaulted. All of the cult members unknowingly fallen under his spell. All of their families who lost sons, daughters, moms, dads,siblings, spouses to a cult.

All the attendees of Trump University whom he milked out of money. All of the politicians and journalists who received chilling and horrifying threats from his braindead base of supporters.



All of the people forced to flee their homes because of threats to them, like Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss. All the people who were forced to pick up the pieces of their lives after Trump lied to them, conned them, and milked them out of a lot of money. So don’t speak of your “victimhood,” Trump. You are a victimizer, not a victim. And you can take your false victim claims and shove them where the sun don’t shine.



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