Melania Trump makes a point of humiliating Donald Trump at State of the Union address

Melania Trump has spent weeks signaling that she no longer wants anything to do with Donald Trump. She bailed on his Switzerland trip. She was reportedly staying at a hotel until he left town. She then took her own trip to Florida. After some speculation, Melania did indeed end up showing up for Donald’s State of the Union address. But she also made a point of showing him up.

Make whatever you will of Melania’s all-white outfit during the speech. Was this a nod to the white that women have been wearing at events like the Grammy Awards as a sign of solidarity against sexual harassment and sexual assault? Was she merely making a random fashion statement? Who knows. But here’s what we do know: she refused to ride in the car with Donald to the State of the Union speech (link). She made a point of arriving at the Capitol separately from him, at a different time. She forced him to arrive alone.

Melania is rubbing it in Donald’s face, in every way that she can. He deserves it. He cheated on her with a porn star while she was pregnant. He paid off the porn star to stay quiet. It came out in the media anyway this month, serving to humiliate her. Ever since, she’s made a point of physically distancing herself from him as much as possible. Now she’s making a point of humiliating him during the State of the Union address.

Melania Trump is also now hitting Donald Trump in the press. She had her friends inform the New York Times that she felt “blindsided” by the scandal and that she’s “furious” with him (link). This comes at a time when Donald is trying to avoid going to prison for his criminal scandals, and it can’t possibly help his cause.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report