Donald Trump has made a huge mistake

– Donald Trump has made a huge mistake by going a week without speaking in public. It’s not clear if he’s trying to make us miss him, or if he’s just pouting, or some combination of both. But either way, he’s given us a taste of what it’ll be like when he’s gone – no chaos and a newfound ability to focus on more important things – and it’s only making us more eager to be rid of him.

– Trump tweeted “Biden did not win.” Twitter slapped a warning label on it that confirms Biden did win. That pretty much sums up how this entire delusional farce is going for Trump.

– The government of China just congratulated Joe Biden on his win. This is a big deal. China could have chosen to drag this out as a way of trying to weaken Biden’s negotiating position in the early days of his presidency. Instead China is opting to fall in line fairly quickly, a sign that it knows better than to mess with Biden on this kind of thing.


– Tweet of the day, from Jimmy Kimmel: “One reason Trump’s advisors are so worried he might not be able to win, is because he lost.”

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