Donald Trump’s dangerous last gasps

Donald Trump’s refusal to concede the election can have wide-reaching ramifications and threaten national security, yet he continues along the path to nowhere. According to the AP, Trump’s legal team has nothing. A judge in Philadelphia asked Trump’s lawyer whether he had found any signs of fraud among the 592 ballots they are challenging. His answer? “No.”

The issue, even more telling than any evidence of fraud, is that 592 votes will put Trump nowhere near President Elect Biden’s 45,000 vote lead. The entire thing seems to be an effort in futility, wasted time, and wasted money. Loyola University professor Justin Levitt, a former Justice Department election official, calls the lawsuits “an attempt to appease the ego in chief.” Election legal expert Rick Hasen points out that the lack of high-powered litigators speaks volumes. “There are certain names of elite lawyers that signal to the Supreme Court that something is serious,” but Trump’s campaign has put Rudy Giuliani and David Bossie—who is not even a lawyer—in charge of this three-ring circus.

Who, then, is surprised that Giuliani chose Four Seasons Total Landscaping as the site of his all-important press conference? Trump is grasping for straws, and according to Politico, a group of approximately 142 former national security officials are not amused by this latest Keystone Kops episode coming from the White House.

The security officials — some of whom worked under Trump — believe that the delay in recognizing Joe Biden’s victory “poses a serious risk to national security.” Until such time as Biden is recognized, he will not receive the daily briefing, which can contain vital information. When the government refused to acknowledge George Bush in his contested election, Politico reported that Clinton let him read the daily briefing anyway. Despite Clinton’s graciousness, the 9/11 Commission found that the delay in the transition ultimately caused the 9/11 attack. Because of the forced cut in the transition period, a six-month staffing delay occurred in Bush’s national security teams, which left the U.S. “more vulnerable to foreign attack.”

As a result, the Commission frowns on the very behavior Trump is displaying. Instead of doing what he and his team should be doing for the good of our country, Politico reported that Trump’s top aides are trying to push through legislation on immigration, trade, health care, China, and school choice. What do they hope to accomplish? Perhaps they are trying to preserve Trump’s “legacy,” but we do not need their help. Trump’s legacy of hate is forever emblazoned on our memories.

Why people continue to stand up for “president” Trump is mindboggling. He has always done things for the good of himself and his rich friends, and now, he wants to inflict more damage before he leaves. Donald Trump needs to understand that he is done, and nothing he does now will do him any good. It can only do us harm, but Trump has never had good intentions for any of us. Why would he change now?

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