House Republicans sink even further down the Trump rabbit hole

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Apparently, Republican lawmakers are hatching a plan to descend on the streets of New York next week to love and comfort little Boy Blue in his Criminal trial. Reports are that a large number of Republicans, especially from the House of Representatives, have decided to make it a field trip so they can go bonkers and do their usual unhappy dance about the deep state and how unfair it all is.

Reportedly, around 16 House members are involved — that number could grow. This could be good. Look, it appears that the trial will soon end. Cohen has been an excellent witness, a spectacular one actually.

So yes, the trial will be over soon enough and the jury will get the case. But this shit-show just wouldn’t be complete I suppose without a visit from the peanut gallery — the GOP peanut gallery who sure seems to have lots of nutters, ready willing and oh so able to make fools of themselves on Donald Trump’s behalf.

So what happens if malignant Republican basket cases are seen en masse on the steps of the courtroom? They’ll look like fools—that’s what. It would make a jell of a Democratic commercial.

“While the American people wait for their elected Congress to serve them, it seems that these Republicans have other priorities.”

The camera cuts to — well, who, do you think?

Matt Gaetz? Probably, as he never met a shitstorm he didn’t like.

Greene? Certainly possible.

Nancy Mace in her Scarlet Letter shirt? Very possible.

I say let the carnival barkers make fools of themselves. This is not a good idea, and that is precisely why it will likely happen.

All over social media, the ridicule has begun. I’m talking about some considerable ridicule, ridicule of the size of the Empire State itself, as Twitter users are having oodles of fun mocking the heck out of Republican’s latest horrible idea.

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