House Republicans begin openly attacking each other as Kevin McCarthy’s caucus falls apart

Thanks to Kevin McCarthy’s total lack of leadership, we’ve been seeing growing cracks in the House Republican caucus for awhile now. Over the past week in particular those cracks have grown larger, with extremist Marjorie Taylor Greene publicly calling out McCarthy’s lack of leadership, even as an anonymous so-called “moderate” House Republican told CNN that McCarthy was in danger of losing credibility on that side of the fence as well.

Now thanks to Lauren Boebert’s anti-Muslim antics, for which she initially apologized, then decided to change course and make it even worse yesterday, all hell has broken loose. House Republican Nancy Mace, who thinks of herself as a moderate but isn’t one, publicly criticized Boebert. In response, Greene tweeted that Mace was “trash” who should hang out with the “Jihad Squad,” and said to Mace, “Your out of your league.”

Nancy Mace fired back by pointing out to Greene that it’s “You’re” and not “Your,” and then added “What I’m not is a religious bigot (or racist). You might want to try that over there in your little ‘league.'”


So now we’ve got House Republicans openly attacking each other in increasingly vicious and personal fashion, even as Kevin McCarthy remains unwilling or unable to do anything to stop it from happening. The uglier and more scandalous things get among House Republicans, the more the Democratic Party can (and will) use these scandals against House Republicans who are seeking reelection in swing districts.

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