THIS is why we elected Joe Biden

President Biden may just be the most empathetic President we’ve ever had.

Think about it. Why do so many people consider him a friend? Why do so many people say the words “I feel like I know him?”

Well — it’s because, in a sense, we do. The man’s dignity, kindness, and compassion consistently shine through. People adore that kindness. We’ve seen precious little of it in the Trump years.

And this kindness manifested itself just this week — in words of comfort to a young girl with a stutter.

As you are aware, Biden had a stutter as a young man, and it occasionally comes back. Many in the GOP have jeered at him for this stutter — showing once again why the GOP has no morality at all — at least most of them do not.

This girl, whose name is Avery, was comforted by our President. Per CNN, Biden encouraged her and offered empathy.

“I promise you it’ll go away if you just keep at it, okay?” Biden said.

Avery proceeded to give our President a warm bear hug.

I love stories like this. This country NEEDS stories like this. Sometimes the country needs to be reminded why we put this lovely man in the highest office in the land — and empathy is surely one such reason.

I imagine his words comforted Avery, but they also comfort all of us — and remind us that now, in 2021, we have Presidential stability once again.


The people have spoken, and they chose love and empathy over hate. Sometimes the good guys do win.

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