House Republicans are drowning in “spy business”

Republicans have humiliated themselves yet again. It all started with Rep. James Comer of Kentucky. Comer, in recent weeks, has been running around declaring that President Biden committed crimes and that he had the goods to prove it! Comer, in case you couldn’t tell is not very bright.

Looking stern and forbidding, Comer’s been bragging lately that he had the goods that would call into question Joe Biden’s patriotism and abiding by the rule of law. Of course, few paid attention to Comer because, after all, he IS James Comer. But someone (Marie Bartiromo of Fox non-news) was paying attention on Sunday when she asked Comer about all this evidence he had claimed he had.

And, doing her job for probably the first time EVER, she actually asked Comer — where’s the beef? “Where are these whistle-blowers?” Now Comer’s answer is one for the history books. And though I rarely do this, I warn — please don’t eat or drink anything as you read his answer because there is a chance you will break out into peals of laughter as I did.

We can’t find him, Comer said. They “lost” the whistle-blower. He’s MISSING an incredulous Maria asked. Comer explained that they’re looking for the informant, but it’s “spy business,” and these guys, you know, like they are SPIES and they’re like James Bond (my words), and like “they don’t make a habit of being seen a lot.”

So to summarize: Comer has a whistle-blower who is terribly concerned about Biden, but this informant is playing hide and seek, and the group is seeking he who is hiding, but he may not be found because he’s like a big-time spy and these spies they prefer to stay unseen.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE STUPIDEST ANSWER EVER! Comer incredibly said there were other informants, but some of THEM are missing. Perhaps they’re hiding at Mar-a-Lago. Possibly Trump, lonely as a caged parakeet, has offered them room and board, and that’s where they’re hiding.

Or maybe they’re at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, taking a meeting with Rudy Giuliani. Or perhaps they’re with the other “they’re” in the world, like the mysterious strangers coming to take everyone’s guns. Who knows. In Comer’s mind, anything is possible.”