House Republican infighting takes an even uglier turn

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These last couple of months have been the Republicans series of unfortunate events. Over and over, like clockwork, Republicans have suffered one humiliation after another. This is to be expected when one is stupid.

But more bad news has hit the GOP. This concerns something so outlandish, so deliciously hysterical, so buttered-popcorn ready that I ask readers: get out that popcorn! You’re going to need it for this story.

Members of the House GOP are still squabbling about the House Speaker’s race that happened several weeks ago. Yep. While we hover at the brink of a Government shutdown, republicans are far too busy picking bones with each other to really care, it seems, about much else.

Let’s look at the latest infighting. Kevin McCarthy can’t let it go. It appears Kev is coming for Matt Gaetz AND Nancy Mace. In an interview with CNN, Kevin made it clear that he’s in the midst of some serious grapes of wrath.

Our Caucus would benefit tremendously if Matt Gaetz were to be ousted,, Kev told Manu Raju, proving that Kevin has not forgotten ANYTHING and that it is Matt Gaetz whose face fills the dark nightmares of the former Speaker.

“People have to EARN the right to be here,” Kevin exclaimed. Kevin also said there would be little room for: healing” was Gaetz to receive no punishment for his extremely bad behavior. Moving on, Kevin said he felt Nancy Mace “flip-flopped” and was more about getting attention than any policy positions.

“I don’t think she’ll have earned the right to get reelected,” Kevin said bitterly. Wow. That’s a double humdinger. But this is not the end of the story because Hester Prynne (Nancy Mace, who seems fond of showing you to work in scarlet letter t-shirts) heard about this and faster than one could say, “Kevin’s screwed,” she had an icy response.

“I see I’m still living rent-free in the former speaker’s head,” Mace smirked on social media. “We’ve all moved on” she went on. “He should, too.” This is easier said than done. I say this because no Republican EVER moves on from ANYTHING. Their whole lives are about the past, as this story just demonstrated to you.

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