The real reason Donald Trump was taken to the hospital

Over the long holiday weekend, Donald Trump’s Twitter account dissolved into little more than retweets and generic slogans, revealing that – without his social media handlers around – he had very little to say. This came even as pool reporters said they weren’t able to get a glimpse of Trump on Saturday.

This was just the latest in a series of incidents since Donald Trump’s mysterious hospital visit, all of which combine to raise questions about what’s going on with his health and his physical abilities. One of his arms didn’t seem to work well during one of his public appearances this past week. One of his legs seemed to be off during another appearance. His mouth seemed to be off during yet another appearance. And now he’s seemingly only able to go on Twitter rants when his helpers are around.

All of these data points would likely have gone unnoticed if not for the fact that they’ve come in the aftermath of Trump being taken to the hospital and his White House bending over backward to lie about why. The president’s doctors are going to be overly cautious about his health. They could have decided to take him to the hospital for a minor health concern that ended up being nothing.

But if that were the case, why lie about it in such ham fisted fashion? No one believes that Donald Trump simply woke up and decided to spontaneously get part of his annual physical done three months early. Now that he appears to be having minor trouble with multiple appendages, and he’s slowing way down on Twitter, it’s fair to ask what might really be wrong with him. If Trump doesn’t want to be honest about his health, he should resign.

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