Donald Trump’s upcoming NATO summit in London is already shaping up to be a disaster

The two day NATO summit in London begins Tuesday with another despoiling of this lovely island with the malign presence of history’s worst American president. Apart from history’s worst British prime minister there will also be assembled an actually welcome contingent of doctors, nurses and healthcare workers protesting the Faustian deal that president and prime minister will be cooking up between them. There is little doubt that Trump and Boris intend to sell Britain’s National Health Service down the river to big pharma and the insurance companies in exchange for making themselves and their cronies collective trillionaires. That’s what happens when evil psychopaths run the world.

But Boris is nervous, much the same way the guy who invites his hooker girlfriend to Thanksgiving dinner with his parents would be nervous. He’s afraid Trump will say or do something to spoil the upcoming election for him, and he has much to be worried about. Boris sent Trump a subtle message in code, in other words one that Trump is guaranteed to miss. In the London-based phone-in talk radio show LBC, Boris Johnson pleaded with Trump, when he said, “It’s best when you have close friends and allies like the US and the UK … for neither side to be involved in each other’s election campaigns.” Good luck with that, Boris. Somebody also needs to mention that to Vladimir Putin.

Speaking of which, after Kim Jong un, Vladimir Putin and Hitler, Trump’s favorite murdering fascist dictator, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, will also be at the summit. Nothing quite camouflages a brutal, homicidal maniac like a really good government job. Erdoğan will be an apt addition to the rogue’s gallery alongside Trump and Boris Johnson.

The protest of the good guys will take place in Trafalgar Square, home to the National Gallery, St Martin-in-the-Fields and Nelson’s column. There is talk that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn may even give a talk there as well. Despite the depredations of the British press, Corbyn’s message, which is astonishingly in touch with the average working class Briton, manages to get through: that Britain is for average Britons, that government should not work exclusively for the advancement, comfort and advantage of the rich, that it is the principal purpose of government to promote the welfare of everyone.

No wonder he is despised by the British press, much of which is owned and operated by the Great Arachnid, whose tentacles reach from Australia to the northern part of the Western Hemisphere, from Down Under to Up Over, with tentacles in every major city, pulling the right-hand strings of political thought at Fox News in America and the Sun newspaper in Britain. I’m referring to, of course, Rupert Murdoch, climate science denier, political manipulator and fascist. Murdoch espouses the notion that Jeremy Corbyn is antisemetic the way Trump espoused the notion that Barack Obama was Kenyan, with relentless repetition of lies. Meanwhile, the Murdoch information machine ignores or minimizes Boris Johnson’s long history of bigoted and misogynyistic statements.

The Murdoch information machine works night and day to promote conservatism and the idea that climate science is a hoax, or at least to patronizingly imply that climate science is “too complicated” for the average person to have a useful opinion about. This nonsense is routinely swallowed by the low-information voters that keep the dangerous idiots vital to Murdoch’s economic interests in power.

Murdoch doesn’t care about the world he’s destroying. He only cares about money and power. Some of the world’s most evil, like-minded men will be meeting in London this coming week. No doubt Rupert Murdoch is giddy with anticipation and more than a little worried that one or more of his protégés, Trump or Johnson, will do something stupid and ruin it all for him. Don’t worry, Rupert, you have so thoroughly brainwashed the planet that if they do say something stupid, millions won’t even notice.

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