Michael Cohen and Hope Hicks are the key to Donald Trump’s demise

With the trending news that it’s possible that Evil Mikey Cohen did lie, and did go to Prague, and did meet with Russians of dubious distinction, the trouble for Trump keeps growing bigger and bigger. Even launching a few hundred million dollars’ worth of cruise missiles in Syria hasn’t distracted us from his evil deed.

The entire Trump Cabal of Crime (TCC) is about the most corrupt criminal enterprise ever to ‘run’ the US government.  Trump has clearly told everyone in his regime it’s a cash grab, spend whatever you want on anything you want, just don’t get caught.  Apparently idiots like Scott Pruitt missed the last part and are constantly being caught. 

And now it appears that TCC enforcer, Mikey “I’m a lawyer, sorta” Cohen, has been knee deep in the Trump swamp all along.  Many of us who have been Trump misdeeds aficionados are well aware that Mikey and Hope Hicks know all the secrets and dirt, and can cough it up if Mueller threatens to end their freedom for the next 20-30-50 years.   Hope is clearly not built for prison, Mikey maybe can handle it, being a jailhouse con/lawyer/Bronx dude/etc, but they are clearly all going down.  In the endgame, expect Cohen to cave, and spill the secret sauce.

When Donald Trump rode down the golden escalator to announce he was ‘running’ for “Pres,” I repeatedly told everyone I knew and on Twitter that Trump would win “IF” he goes really dark and cheats like he’s done pretty much all of his career. Now we’re beginning to see the depth of how dark he’s really gone.  When it’s all unraveled, I fully expect proof that Putin was indeed involved, and that the scam to elect him goes far deeper than anything we currently suspect.  Rigging the vote wouldn’t even be much of a surprise.  Wait and see, the fun is clearly coming.  It won’t be long.

Lifetime DC area resident, still searching for something.