The real reason Hope Hicks was aboard Air Force One today with Donald Trump

Roughly six months after having abruptly announced her resignation in a cloud of Trump-Russia scandal controversy, former White House Communications Director Hope Hicks was spotted on Air Force One today with Donald Trump. This revelation sent shockwaves, as it was shocking yet not all that surprising. It was also plainly illegal, raising the stakes for what’s really going on here.

Early this year, it was reported that former Trump legal spokesman Mark Corallo was willing to testify to Special Counsel Robert Mueller that he heard Hope Hicks promising Donald Trump that she would suppress and/or destroy Donald Trump Jr’s emails about the Russia meeting in Trump Tower. Shortly after this surfaced, Trump’s allies on the House Intel Committee hauled in Hicks, in an apparent attempt at figuring out whether she was planning to flip on Trump. The next day, Hicks announced her resignation from the White House. She then disappeared… until now.

The key here is the timing. Just days ago, Mueller called Trump’s bluff on sitting down for an interview about the scandal. If Trump brought Hope Hicks onboard Air Force One today to try to get his story straight with hers before he testifies, then he committed felony witness tampering – and Mueller will charge him for it. Trump has repeatedly demonstrated that when it comes to committing these kinds of crimes, he can’t help himself, even as his attorneys advise him not to do it. Based on the timing, there’s also another realistic explanation.

This kind of “kingpin” interview between Donald Trump and Robert Mueller only happens once everyone else has been interviewed. It’s it’s entirely possible that Mueller is coordinating with Hope Hicks, and Trump doesn’t know it. For all we know, when he invited Hicks aboard Air Force One today to try to conspire with her, Mueller signed off on it, because it’ll give him first hand witness testimony about Trump’s witness tampering.

Keep in mind that if Mark Corallo’s reported claims about Hope Hicks prove to be true, it would mean she committed felony obstruction of justice. If Hicks is still playing for Team Trump, she’s going to prison for several years. However, if she’s playing for Team Mueller behind Trump’s back, she could potentially avoid prison altogether.

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