Donald Trump’s Hitler Youth

One of the most distressing aspects of the Trump presidency is the effect it has had on white racists in America. It is shameful that one of the most prosperous countries in the world elected an African-American president, only to be punished for it eight years later by a shadowy cabal of low-class, low-life, money-grubbing election thieves. Yes, you have to get in the gutter to describe this one correctly. There is no pretty bow in the world that could make this dumpster fire of a presidency look good.

Speaking of Trump, many peaceful women’s marches took place this weekend. At the capital, The Indigenous Peoples were present and by now, we’ve all seen the viral video of the Catholic teenagers harassing a Native American elder. The video is truly cringeworthy. It is bad enough there are adults who still support Donald Trump despite how repulsive he has shown himself to be, but to see our youth mimic Trump in such a garish demonstration really illustrates his effect on the minds of those citizens who are vulnerable to suggestion.

These kids demonstrated a mob mentality, clearly racist in nature, and they were obviously trying to intimidate the elder who was peacefully drumming. Perhaps most disturbing is, they didn’t care if they got caught. None of that even crossed their minds as they let themselves get carried away by the weight of their ignorance, which was proudly on display in the form of MAGA hats.

Earlier this week I was stunned to see the Republican reaction to Trump grounding Pelosi and leaking the details of her planned Afghanistan trip. Instead of being disturbed, as any rational bi-partisan person would be, Republican men acted like fifth grade boys on social media, proud of their ringleader for teaching “her” a lesson.

Now, we are seeing the next generation of these men, the same ones who chortle over Speaker Pelosi’s predicament, reacting the same way, but as teens. The teenagers in Washington D.C. showed no signs of the checks and balances that come with adulthood, and if you had dressed them in overalls, you could have dialed back the clock a hundred years. These kids, from a Christian school no less, were fully in possession of Trump’s white power, and this is what they chose to do with it. I’m not a fan of policing culture, but this type of racism is ugly. Way too ugly to let go unchecked.