Hey Mike Pence, bite me!

This week Mike Pence’s wife Karen Pence decided to return to teaching. That’s all well and good, except she took a teaching job at a school that specifically bans LGBTQ employees and students. This is extraordinarily bigoted, blatantly anti-American, and it’s borderline abusive to the kids. Just don’t tell that to Mike Pence, who is outraged that you’re outraged about bigotry.

Mike Pence said in a new interview that “to see major news organizations attacking Christian education is deeply offensive to us.” Uh, no. There isn’t anything “Christian” about bigotry or homophobia. In fact there isn’t anything “Christian” about Mike Pence, a corrupt monster who – in Biblical terms – is more directly aligned with the views of Satan.

There are a number of Americans who, while not sharing Mike Pence’s evil and extremist views, have paid too little attention to realize that his mild mannered ways are a mere cover for the fact that he’s a deranged extremist. These people had better wise up quickly, because with Donald Trump’s presidency having perhaps just months or even weeks remaining in it, there’s a chance Pence will end up inheriting the presidency.

That’ll mean that – if Robert Mueller isn’t able to take down Mike Pence on treason related charges – we’ll have to oust or cripple this piece of crap the hard way. That’ll mean convincing the average American to stop listening to his mild mannered tone of voice, and look at the fact that he’s a perverted freak show who thinks he should get to dictate other people’s sexual orientation to them. Pence’s wife, who is attempting to enforce this on students, is even more of a deranged monster. And if you think I’m overstating any of this, you’re part of the problem.