Donald Trump tried to hire a convicted criminal in newly unearthed plot against President Obama

In the wake of his Haiti scandal, his porn star scandal, and his Russia scandal, can Donald Trump sink any lower this week? The answer is a definitive yes. It turns out while Trump was attempting to smear President Obama in racist fashion, he tried to hire a convicted criminal to steal Obama’s records. No really, this is straight out of Watergate, except it’s racist, and it’s even more stupid.

James O’Keefe, a conservative propagandist best known for releasing doctored videos that have smeared everything from ACORN to Planned Parenthood, now admits that Trump tried to hire him to steal Obama’s college records in 2013, according to CNN (link). Trump was hoping that the transcripts would prove that Obama didn’t really attend Columbia University, which he believed would help validate his racist claim that Obama was secretly born in Kenya and has falsified much of his life.

It’s worth noting that by this time O’Keefe was already a convicted criminal, having been sentenced to probation for having broken into the offices of Louisiana Governor Mary Landrieu (link). This means Trump was trying to hire a known convicted criminal to commit a crime. Even after O’Keefe turned Trump down, Trump continued to ask O’Keefe to break into Columbia. According to O’Keefe, he never did pursue the break-in. But considering Trump’s persistence on the matter, we must now investigate whether Trump did end up hiring someone else to commit the crime in question.

So now, at the end of a week which has seen Donald Trump saying that he doesn’t want immigrants coming into the United States from (black) countries like Haiti because they’re “shithole countries,” we’re now learning that Trump’s racist obsession with President Obama runs even deeper than we knew. Trump isn’t merely a blatant racist; he may be the most blatant racist of his generation.

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