Yet another Donald Trump administration official has been fired and escorted from the building

The Donald Trump administration fired one of its own handpicked officials today and then had that person escorted out of the building without providing any official explanation for what happened – and no, we’re not talking about Omarosa. For the second time in a month, a Trump official has been dispensed with in bizarre and mysterious fashion. Although no reality show contestants are involved this time, the story is even stranger.

The story was first reported by Dan Diamond of Politico, who tweeted “Teresa Manning — the anti-abortion activist who was put in charge of Title X — was physically escorted from HHS premises today.” (link). She was handpicked by Trump to begin with, and had been on the job for less than nine months. Diamond went on to say that Trump’s White House is claiming that Manning resigned. However, that word is nearly always used in high profile firings, and no one who “resigns” is escorted out of the building by security.

This comes a month to the day after former Apprentice contestant Omarosa was fired from her high ranking White House job by Chief of Staff John Kelly. She was reportedly dragged off the property by security after she tried to charge the White House residence. This led to the Secret Service to take the extraordinary step of putting out a statement via tweet, asserting that it was not involved. So who were these security guards hauling Omarosa away?

Earlier this week, Trump White House adviser Stephen Miller appeared on CNN and acted in such hostile and brutish fashion that host Jake Tapper threw him off the air. Miller then refused to leave, and CNN’s security guards had to escort him from the building. That seems to be an increasingly frequent theme when it comes to Donald Trump’s historically awful advisers.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report