Here’s what I just learned from Nancy Pelosi and Ted Lieu about the midterms

I was on Zoom yesterday with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congressman Ted Lieu, along with a number of other political activists. Here’s what Pelosi and Lieu are emphasizing about the midterms:

– Knocking on doors is crucial. You can sign up with the DCCC, or individual candidates’ websites, for instructions on precisely whose doors to knock on and what to say. Door knocking is mainly about reminding voters on your own side to go out and vote; you’re not going to be sent to knock on hostile Trump supporters’ doors or anything like that.

– Sending postcards to voters also helps. I get this question a lot from readers, and I wasn’t certain of the answer. But Pelosi says sending postcards matters, so as far as I’m concerned, that’s the definitive answer.

– Multiple new polls this week show Democrats ahead in the generic midterm ballot. The one new poll showing the Republicans ahead in the generic midterm ballot is indeed just an outlier that’s being hyped up by the media for shock value.

– The House majoirty will come down to the wire and will depend on whether you get out there and put in the work.

Ted Lieu: Democrats have “better grass roots supporters and candidates” than the Republicans.

Nancy Pelosi: “We don’t agonize, we organize.”

Ted Lieu: “If you work your heart out for these next three weeks, not only can we hold the House, I believe we will hold the House.”

Lieu also made an interesting point: the Democrats and their activists couldn’t knock on doors in 2020 due to pandemic safety reasons, and it may have caused the Democrats to underperform in some 2020 House races. This is why we must knock on doors in 2022. If nothing else, 2020 proved that knocking on doors really does make a difference.

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