Here’s the stunning thing about the latest Kevin McCarthy leak

A new audio recording which surfaced today reveals that Kevin McCarthy only rejected the 25th Amendment against Donald Trump after the Capitol attack, because at that late date Trump could have just dragged the process out to the end of his term anyway – meaning it would have had no tangible impact.

The stunning part is, that’s actually correct. McCarthy was in fact correct about this. Trump could have challenged the 25th Amendment, and Congress would have had to vote on it, and by that time, it would have been past January 20th anyway. It wouldn’t have definitively gotten Trump out of office any sooner than the end of his term did.

Of course McCarthy deserves absolutely zero credit for this, given that he then turned around and voted against impeachment, and has since gone back to publicly supporting Trump. McCarthy is two-faced and a coward.


But don’t overlook the fact that Kevin McCarthy is in trouble with the GOP for getting caught having said something that was true and made sense. That’s what counts as a scandal on the Republican side these days. This isn’t a leaked recording of McCarthy taking a bribe, or doing something salacious, or punching a baby. It’s a recording of McCarthy simply saying something true and reasonable – and in the Republican Party, that’s a scandal these days.

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