Attack of the “Ultra MAGA”

The band Soundgarden once had an album called “Ultramega OK.” I mention that only because when President Joe Biden said something about “Ultra MAGA” on Wednesday, I momentarily thought “I didn’t even know he was a Soundgarden fan.” But of course Biden was really talking about Donald Trump’s failed but still dangerous “MAGA” fascist agenda.

Specifically, Biden accused current House and Senate Republicans of pushing policies that are not only in line with Trump’s MAGA horse crap, but are in some ways even more extreme.

Biden is smartly tying current House and Senate Republicans to Trump’s toxic unpopularity, by accusing them of having an “Ultra MAGA” agenda. The media refuses to admit it, but Trump’s unpopularity is one of the biggest liabilities the Republicans face in the midterms.

We just saw that on Tuesday, when Trump’s handpicked candidate JD Vance only managed to get 30% of the Republican vote in Ohio, with the other 70% of Republican voters going with other candidates. We’re seeing it a lot more clearly in the Georgia race for Governor, where Trump’s handpicked candidate is a whopping 27 points behind another Republican candidate in the polls.

In spite of all the absurdist headlines we’re seeing right now about Trump’s supposed ongoing control of American politics, the reality is that he hasn’t been able to do much for his handpicked candidates. Trump can’t even steer Republican voters to his preferred candidates in primary races. That’s how unpopular and irrelevant Trump is. It’s why Biden is smart to try to tie all Republican midterm candidates to Trump’s unpopular agenda.

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