We’ve all spent the past four years putting our hearts and souls into fighting against Donald Trump’s deadly anti-American agenda. We’ve won some battles along the way, and we’ve lost some battles along the way. But in the end, this was always going to come down to whether we could vote him out.

We’ve all worked hard these four years to not only fight back against Trump’s evil antics, but to make sure our fellow Americans are fully aware of just how deranged and evil Trump is. In that goal we’ve succeeded. We’ve saddled him with a very low approval rating. We’ve worked hard to unify behind Joe Biden, who as a result has the largest polling lead in a generation.

Election-wise, we enter today in precisely the situation we want to be in. Donald Trump wishes he were in the position that we’re in. We’ve way ahead, we have momentum, and all we have to do is finish the job today.


Vote today, if you haven’t already. Nag your friends, family, and associates into voting today. Do some last minute phone banking if you can. Stay vigilant. Stay aware. Finish the job and we’ll win this. We’re worked incredibly hard to get this far. Now here we go.

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