Here comes the shouting

The Electoral College will vote on Monday, and at this point it’s nothing more than a formality. The Supreme Court just shut down the last of Trump’s legal avenues, and the Supreme Court previously ruled in favor of state laws banning faithless electors.

It’ll all be over on Monday, and there’s nothing Trump can do to stop it – which is why we’ll likely see so much last minute empty hysterics coming from Trump’s side. Keep in mind that everything said tomorrow will mean nothing at all, every threat will be a toothless one, every gesture will be an empty one. Just ignore the hyperbole on Sunday, and the Electoral College will slam the door on Monday.


– Imagine spending as much time on self promotion as Donald Trump does, and still being as unpopular as Donald Trump is. The guy lost by more votes than anyone has ever lost by. The kicker is that if he’d been less obsessed with his popularity, and instead spent more time doing the right thing, he probably wouldn’t be quite so unpopular.

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